Matt & Kim Not So Grand

Matt & Kim’s Grand is a decent piece of work, but most assuredly will be placed in many of the listener-elite’s guilty pleasures list.

The first track, “Daylight,” is an upbeat, poppy song that features nasally vocals. The lyrics aren’t half bad – easy to decipher, but not extremely blatant. Though the instrumentation masks and directs attention away from the lyrics, the track, “Daylight,” features lyrics like: “These shoes are poor man’s ice skates…I hope that someday I’ll see without these frames…I have five clocks in my life / And only one has the time right / I’ll just unplug it for today…”

There’s an easy connection made between the piano/keyboard-prominent Matt & Kim and the piano/keyboard-prominent Mates Of State. Matt & Kim, however, allow themselves to more easily be placed in a “guilty pleasure” list rather than in a list, like Mates Of State, of more respectable and better quality music.

Matt & Kim make good use of stomp-clapping percussion in “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare.” The song becomes even more enjoyable with the use of percussion and more thoughtful lyrics, like: “show me the side streets in your life / train yards like bone yards sharpened knives.”

By the time Grand makes it to “I Wanna,” it is apparent that Matt & Kim are at their best when they are playing faster and are seemingly rushing. Unfortunately, “I Wanna” lacks any major lyrical genius.

One of the best verses of the album is featured in “Don’t Slow Down.” While it’s not extremely metaphorical or mystifying to any degree, it is incredibly relatable. The verse is the first in the song and the only part of the worth really listening to for the lyrics. The rest is good for the instrumentation.  Matt & Kim recount to many a familiar party night, “Locked knees, no keys / Brooklyn, Grand Street / four flights, late nights / black socks, white dice / ten pounds, loud sounds / turned up, tied & bound.”

Of course, Grand is somewhat of misnomer. Possibly they should have considered naming the album Good?

Artist: Matt & Kim

Album: Grand

Released: January 20, 2009

Label: Fader

Rating: 6.3 / 10




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