Armor For Sleep Doesn’t Know What To Do When They’re Dead

Armor For Sleep "What To Do When You Are Dead" cover

Armor For Sleep’s What To Do When You Are Dead cover

Never, never, never waste your money on Armor for Sleep’s What To Do When You’re Dead! I know the cover art looks interesting and the small booklet inside, “A Guide To What To Do When You’re Dead,” is hysterical, but do not, DO NOT!, buy it. I finally listened to it today. For a couple years now the album’s cover art has haunted me. Tapping me on the back to buy it or give it a listen. I never budged. A friend gave me a listen, as we were just sitting in class with nothing to do for an hour and a half. I had my new iPod with me, but had neglected to bring the headphones with.

I will give the band this: They do have some, some, nice beats and their vocals are at some points, though very few, tolerable. Maybe this band will mature. I’d be surprised to see what they could do when they’re not trying to get on the radio or on MTV. The lyrics sounded pretty good, I have yet to give them a full looking at.

I am sorry to those of you who like this band. Not because I don’t want to offend you, but because you have shitty music taste. For that, I am sorry.

But, this thing in me does want to say that I don’t mean to offend you. I just, personally, can’t take it. If you can, more power to you, but why do you like the band? Why do you like the album? Could they be any more of a cookie-cutter band?

Artist: Armor For Sleep
Album: What To Do When You’re Dead!
Released: February 22, 2005
Label: Equal Vision Records
Rating: 1 / 10



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